> July 2nd – I Forgot Day

By | July 2, 2012

Some days are days to remember and cherish all of our lives. Other days are best forgotten. If you are having a bad day, it’s just as well that today is I Forgot Day.

Tickler Files made from Pendaflex hanging file folders that are reinforced on the top and bottom edges.

However, if you truly want to remember things, consider the impact a Tickler File System would have on all the rest of the days in the year. This is where you store paperwork for follow up on a future date — cards to send, tickets for a special occasion, bills to pay, letters to answer…

A tickler file system is a reminder, something that tickles your memory.  Originally, ticklers were special feathers used to tickle churchgoers who nodded off during the sermon.  Today tickler files are used so that you can purposely forget information until it is needed.

Tickler files are active, to be used daily on a constantly rotating basis.  If used effectively, this system will efficiently manage mail, information, future appointments and time-related paperwork.  If you cannot do everything in today’s file, you can transfer the leftover tasks to another day, another week or another month.  However, no matter which system you choose for managing information, none will work unless you refer to it regularly.  Calendars, to-do lists, and tickler files can be combined and coordinated for effective time management.

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