>> April: National Car Care Month

By | April 1, 2015

For this month, let’s put a little spin on getting organized. When we talk about getting and staying organized, we think about the efficiency of our office or kitchen or maybe even organized time. But, when was the last time you organized your car? That’s right, the car! Like, clearing away the candy wrappers from under the seats, stashing books and car toys into a tote bag, or reviewing necessary paperwork for the glove compartment? How about the oil change and tire pressure? There is so much to think about to keep your means of transportation running smoothly and dependably. This is the month to get your car organized.

We depend on our cars to get us places, whether to work or on a trip. So… since April is National Car Care Month, here are a few ideas to make life easier while on the road:

>  Schedule general car maintenance, including hose checks and top off fluid levels.

>  Check air pressure in all tires, including the spare.

>  Pack duct tape in the glove compartment. It will seal or hold many broken car parts long enough to get to a service station. Nylon stockings can even function as a fan belt in an emergency.first aid kit

>  Have a first-aid kit easily accessible.

>  Going on a trip? Pack water, snacks, blankets, old towels, handi-wipes, litter bag and a flashlight with fresh batteries.

>  When packing for kids, be sure to include headphones for each individual with an iPod or DVD player.

>  Don’t forget to schedule frequent rest stops to stretch your legs.

>  Pack surprise toys and pillows for the little ones.

>  Older children may find it easier to contain play items with a lap tray.

>  Hang a plastic shoe bag over the back of the front seat for toys, games, crayons, coloring books and litter.

>  When the car is in motion, keep all doors locked and windows up.

>  Do not store books, equipment and other material on the shelf behind the back seat. Sudden stops cause these objects to be thrown forward with tremendous force.

>  Daytime running lights help other drivers see you better.

>  Use your hands-free car phone prudently.

Plan ahead for a safe and relaxing journey whether to work, to the grocery store, around the corner or across the continent. Be smart and get the car organized.