>> Preparedness Plan provides the edge to cope

By | May 3, 2012

»  Disaster:  Adverse happenings often occurring suddenly and unexpectedly; may be carelessness, negligence, bad judgment or natural forces

»  Preparedness:  Readiness; to provide what is necessary; rehearse; calculate; address an issue


What potential disasters could possibly affect your personal and professional life?

›  Fire
›  Flood
›  Hurricanes/Tornado/winter storms
› Outages (power, telephone, gas)
›  Hazardous materials spill
›  Theft/Burglary
›  Vandalism
›  Loss of wallet, address book, calendar
›  Loss of business records
›  Crashed computer
›  Illness
›  Death

We live in a world of material and financial abundance–both a blessing and a curse. We need to be aware, protect and be responsible for what we have.

When ‘disaster’ strikes you may not have much time to act or think about your options or plan your next step. The importance of being prepared cannot be over emphasized. It provides the edge needed to cope during stressful moments.

The key to survival is planning. Organizing is preparedness.

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